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Did you know.......

Mondo grass can be used as a border along garden edges or potted around the base of trees!

Mondo grass LOVES shade and a little sun!

Regular Mondo grass can be used as a grass substitute in areas where traffic is low. Can be used in grid patterns between pavers also.

SMondo grass can cost anywhere from $5 a small pot to $10 for a half gallon pot!. People are usually amazed at our low cost of 25 cents a sprig. We are able to offer such a low price because we grow ourselves.

Grass Information & Tips

Mondo Grass (Regular Mondo Grass)---Other common, similar grasses include Monkey Grass, Lily Turf, Border Grass, Nana (Dwarf) and Liriope. Specifically, we carry Regular Mondo Grass, Super-Dwarf, Dwarf, Variegated Liriope, Liriope and English Ivy.

General Mondo Grass Growth: - - - - - - - Mondo Grass (regular) can grow to approximately 9 inches! Super-Dwarf grows 2-4 inches. Has a hardiness of -10-0 F (degrees Farenheit).

Ophiopogan Japonicus- the formal name for Mondo Grass has long, green blades, with points at the ends (spiked). The grass grows naturally outward from the center to form a "hang-over" effect that is very elegant. Also, Mondo Grass has light purple flowers that bloom in the center of the grass.

Mondo Grass makes a beautiful border around flower beds, to outline a landscape and is even suitable for ground covering. Think in curves with Mondo Grass, because it can tailor to any corner, curve or circle. Landscape specialists note that curves present a more natural-looking lawn!

Whether Regular Mondo Grass or Super-Dwarf Mondo Grass, this perennial is easily divided for quick reproduction and spreading. Take the roots at the natural break and separate, replanting each.

Mondo Grass thrives in mild climates, warmer and frost resistent. Works well in shade and also in part sun/part shade. We've found that it does nicely under trees, as a driveway lining, yard outlines and flowerbed trims!

Moderate watering. Usual fertilizer and lawn care. Minimal watering during winter months. Needs good drainage and likes acidic humus-rich soil.

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English Ivy

Ground ivy is also called gill-over-the-ground. It was brought to North America from Europe. This trailing, fragrant plant has creeping stems that form thick masses of leaves wherever they get a foothold. Its leaves are rounded with coarse edges, and its tube-shaped flowers are purple or blue. The ground ivy was formerly used in making ale and cough medicine. It has also been popular with some landscape gardeners, though it can be a troublesome weed in North America.

Scientific Classification

English ivy belongs to the ginseng family, Araliaceae. It is Hedera helix. Boston ivy belongs to the vine family, Vitaceae. It is Parthenocissus tricuspidata. Ground ivy belongs to the mint family, Lamiaceae or Labiatae. It is Nepeta hederacea.